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“CovetThy pairs passionate collectors with their most sought-after pieces.”

Caroline's career stems from an early interest in fashion design, studying at Parsons School of Design in New York City and later as an Assistant Beauty Editor at Condé Nast Publications. But, it wasn't until her time at Hermès of Paris in Chicago that she developed a passion for luxury handbags. After thirteen years there, she had amassed an intimate knowledge of their craftsmanship and heritage, making the sales process much more enjoyable when sharing it with her clients. She says, “There was a piece of my heart in every item I sold, and I genuinely enjoyed the process. “It’s the dream, the journey, and the story that makes luxury handbags most enjoyable.”

Artist. Broker. Curator. Dealer. Entrepreneur. Fairy.

Caroline launched her online shop in 2014 and has since sold nearly $3 million of used Hermès items. She’s genuinely a one-woman operation,
from photographing products to acquiring and selling merchandise to shipping to social media.

CovetThy is Committed to Sustainability

With $3 trillion of products in people's closets worldwide, CovetThy drives demand for your current investments to reduce overconsumption in the luxury market.
Helping people to care for their products to last longer in the circular economy. Contact us to learn more about selling with CovetThy. 

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