Artist, designer and architect, Nigel Peake, has helped shape the world of luxury fashion.

Being an expert in so many realms of art gives him a unique design perspective that is now desired by some of the world’s most elite collectors. Peake has made a name for himself through collaborations with the New York Times, Flos, Luca Guadagnino and of course, our beloved Hermes

If you love Hermes, you’ll love Nigel Peake. Being the artist behind some of the brands most famous collections has made him a luxury icon. From some of his earlier work such as Hermes Equestrian, to more recent designs like Hermes on a Summer Day and Hermes Garden, Peake has played an influential role in the brands success. Admiring his pieces is truly like viewing a piece of art, which is one of the many reasons that he works so well with Hermes. Peake’s attention to detail, intricacy and use of color tells a unique story that flawlessly represents the brand.

Not only is Peake a prominent designer of Hermes fashion, but he has also let his architectural skills shine through his work on store openings such as Hermes Madison and Hermes Chicago. In 2010, the Chicago location announced its grand opening with the help of Peake himself. His keen eye for art, fashion and architecture is a unique combination that makes his work sought after across the world.

Owning a piece that Nigel Peake has played a role in creating is nothing short of an honor, the “One Two Three and Away We Go!” Birkin is just that. The iconic piece, designed by Peake, is abstract and vibrant while remaining classic and timeless. True to Peake’s form, this Birkin tells the story of how art and fashion can come together as one, and is a necessary addition to any collectors wardrobe. One, two, three and away this bag goes to your closet…