There comes a point in every collector’s journey where bringing home little treasures is just as rewarding as a new handbag, especially when that treasure comes in an orange box…


Many brands market their charms as fun handbag additions, but to Hermes, charms are known as a highly coveted staple. Limited edition accessories give collectors the chance to further personalize their already rare handbag(s). Although bringing home a charm may sound inexpensive, size and cost have little to no correlation when it comes to Hermes. In fact, depending material, color and style, certain charms can be just as difficult to find as a Birkin bag.

So Black bags are increasingly rare, and Hermes makes no exception for its So Black accessories. Charms such as the So Black Flot and So Black Rodeo can start at $460 in Hermes boutiques. This price point is justified by the rarity, and thus, desirability of the pieces. For those who are lucky enough to bring home a So Black Bag, it’s only right to pair it with a So Black charm.


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