Once a collector, always a collector? Well, not necessarily. Whether you prefer bags, bangles or scarves, an individuals luxury journey can change course.

Recently an acquaintance approached me with an unusual request, she wanted to sell her whole collection of Hermes and Chanel items! Even after many years working with collectors, this was a rare request. Here’s how this came to be….

“After an anticipated trip to Paris, I began re-examining the idea of owning leather goods. I had recently made a life transition that introduced me to different social circles. I found that I was able to carry vegan handbags and wear designer jewelry, which was much more comfortable for me. Animal-based products no longer serve my lifestyle”.

Made of Mushrooms! Coppi Barbieri via The Robb Report
The MycoWorks Reishi leather is available for any fashion brand to use. Photo courtesy MycoWorks via The Robb Report.

Fortunate for this client, Hermes known for its fine leather goods recently introduced a new vegan material called Sylvania, a biotech leather derived from mushrooms.

Other companies offer similar options to veganites like Stella McCartney, a fashion designer and brand whom does not use animal materials such leather or fur. Jean-Michel Cazabat is designing womens shoes for Aera which also offers impeccable craftsmanship. Styles like the Virginie bootie or Monica flat sandal. Another vegan footwear designer is up and coming Latinx designer Jaqui McCarthy of Jaqui Co.  Jaqui’s shoes are the vegan Louboutin, exchanging red soles for turquoise soles that don’t wear through. Such a cleaver way to say “I’m vegan”. Top models include the Lexi or Chelsea boot.

A vegan with designer taste.

“My hope is that Hermes will push forward as an industry leader in vegan leather goods. Fairy, if you can sprinkle some dust, I wish for a 28cm black Sylvania Kelly, brushed palladium hardware, and a special stamp, maybe a leaf or a little mushroom instead of a horseshoe”.